HottHe of the Week...Courtney

Meet Courtney our fourth HottHe this week. Kind of a special week, sorta in the home stretch of the end of the year, so He decided to step up the HottHe to get everyone involved. A No HottHe Left Behind Policy here at Fashion by He. Well Courtney has all the right things going on for her matched with some great style, she is absolutely He Approved.

How would you describe your style? I love all Fashion, so binding myself down to one particular style would suffocate me! Therefore, my style can not really be described as any one theme. It changes from day to day depending on my mood. Sometimes I'm really girly and sometimes I go for an androgynous look. I respect all sorts of fashion to much to limit myself

Favorite item you own? I truly feel like everything I own is one of my favorite pieces, because if I were to ever loose or ruin one single item I would be devastated, haha. However, if I had to choose one it would be my teal, leather coach bag. I've never seen one other person carrying it, and whenever I wear it I observe women admiring it. The handbag is definitely up there when it comes to favorites.

Who are your favorite designers? Oh wow, there are so many. I really love Louis Vuitton and not just for their bags. I am talking more about their clothing. Their Resort Collections every year are gorgeous and always have me swooning. I also really love Alexander McQueen Clothing and, the somewhat new, Victoria Beckham clothing. Her dresses are so feminine and classic. I'd love to own a couple, or ten.

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