Mercedes Fashion Ranger ride with Jessica Stam

Jessica Stam (Canada/IMG) relaxing before having to spend 30 minutes dealing with the Craigster (my nickname) looking for New York's next "Gazelle, legs on the loose"

It took some smooth talking and about 30 minutes to find someone whose legs qualified for what we were looking for. Here, Piper McEndarffer (L), Elaine Welteroth (middle), Jessica Stam (R) talk out the details

Stam's country girl from Canada charm "sealed the deal" and Elaine Welteroth (L) agreed to be photographed for our project

Good Times: Laughing alongside Jessica with the Mercedes Benz 2012 SUV in background

shoes -- Proenza Schouler
dress -- Versace
sunglasses -- shop in New Hampshire

At 4 o'clock today I met up with Jessica Stam and rode at light speed around the Lincoln Center area looking for New York's newest Gazelle "legs on the loose". We were commissioned by Mercedes to find someone with legs literally like a Gazelle. It all kind of fit with the nature of my blog and Jessica Stam. After some small talk and about 30 minutes of driving around, we spotted our first "victim" walking into the back stage area at Lincoln Center.

Without hesitation, Jessica jumped out of the car faster than any Mercedes can go 0-60mph and told Elaine Welteroth (current Beauty Editor at Ebony) to "stop!". Mind you, at that point Elaine was still a complete stranger to either me or Jessica. Bold move Jessica.

After a couple of minutes Elaine agreed to let us take her picture with Jessica. Good times were had as you can see by the laughs above. I learned a couple of things about Jessica: most notably she doesn't take herself too seriously and she likes to cook. I love the genuineness of people when they can laugh at themself. Especially someone who by our cultures standard, has justifiable reason to take themselves super seriously.

Thanks to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ranger program for sponsoring our ride together! High five to everyone involved for a successful mission accomplished.