HottHe of the Week...Ana Paola

It might not be Spring Break, but He needs to book a trip down to Cancun to see Ana, ASAP. She doesn't have a blog yet, but with these looks she still caught He's attention. Ana is legit, holy sh*t hot, and living in Cancun probably only helps that, what is there to do down there besides look hot, party and go to the beach? Ana P is He Approved.

How would you describe your style? well my style always depends on my mood ,sometimes i dress up girly but most of the times you'll see me wearing denim shorts, vintage tshirt , boots and lots of rings. I always tend to fusion my style with different elements such as gothic,grunge,rocker and bohemian. If i could describe my style in 3 words it would be avantgard rocker chic, i love wearing black and i have a thing for leather,lace, spikes, studs. If i wear something girly like a floral print dress i will end up wearing a studded belt with a pair of leather boots.

Favorite item you own?
-my alice + olivia jacket that's full of studs and chains (it was love at first sight)
-sam edelman heels filled with spikes
-shiny leather armani military jacket
-vintage Jhon Galliano skirt

Who are your favorite designers? Alexander Wang, Pierre Balmain, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Christian Louboutin and of course Marc Jacobs

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