HottHe of the Week...Isabella

Our first HottHe of the Week from Croatia, and thanks to Isabella, He now knows that Croatia is in Europe.
No surprise here that Isabella is also a model, but lucky for her, she also has the style to go with it. Honestly, He had no idea that Croatians had style this good, He might have to take a closer look and see if He can dig up more HottHe's from there. Like how Victoria Secret goes hunting for models in Brazil, He can go hunting for HottHe's in Croatia. Isabella is He Approved.

How would you describe your style? Now about my style, well I'd say it's a little bit of hippie, some rock, add to that some hipster, and other styles, and that's about it. Simple but colorful :)

Favorite item you own? My fav item, I don't have only one, so here it is: My Jeffrey Campbells, My YSL heels, A.Wang bag, Mulberry oversized alexa bag, and yeah my green Vans era shoes, can't live without them

Who are your favorite designers? Designers, oh that changes very very often, so at the time I really adore Balmain!

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