He Should Be A Model Casting Director...

As He mentioned last week, He has been out Model Hunting lately, figured that was a good name for it. It is very interesting, you see this beautiful girls going to model castings and some show up looking insanely hot, high heels so high your head would spin. Then there are others that show up causal in flats and a trash bag. He isn't a casting director, although He should be for at least a day, but ya gotta think its like any job interview. He is taking the girl who got ready for the job over the trash bag girl any day. Even if that means suffering a drop on looks.

P.S. Absolutely love the backless dress, models do that sh*t right, always leaving the bras at home.
P.P.S. He knew Nike made heels, but had no idea they were in the gladiator sandal business.