She's Got Style - Elle Macpherson

She's Got Style - Elle Macpherson: "
Whilst at the hairdressers yesterday I was looking through the celebrity magazines, as you do and these caught my eye. Elle Macpherson on the school run is nothing new but the perfect (in my book) outfit took my breath away, every detail is spot on. The jeans, belt, shirt, jewellery and bag....Oh my I want it all.

All so very right. The 1970's look at it's very best.

And her hair is pretty amazing too, what time do you think she gets up to look like this on the school run?

Nice to see some curve on 'The Body'.

Now I have all the elements of this look as it has been a favourite of mine for a while, so I think I will do an "Inspired By" post of my version.

Hmmm I am rather liking this idea... 'Inspired By' could be a new weekly or monthly feature, what do you think, is it a do?

I hope your weeks are treating you kindly, the weekend is almost here girls not long now. ax

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After many blogger issues today I have re found this post and re posted for you.  Sorry if you have had it before.  Hope you found your lost posts.  Happy weekend lovelies.  ax